Patient Resources


How can I make the most of my visit with my doctor?​

Bring a list of:

  • Your questions or reason(s) for the office visit
  • Current medications you are taking (including prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines and herbal remedies)
  • Past/current major health problems (such as diabetes, arthritis, hip replacement, etc)
  • Allergies to medications

If you are a new patient, bring a copy of your past health records.

Are there any other medical facilities like Medicaone - Lakeshore in the region or province?

Medicaone - Lakeshore's facility is unique, it offers patients access to Primary, Specialist and Walk-in Clinic Services, supported on site by X-Ray/Ultrasound, Laboratory, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy. This integrative suite of healthcare services is seamlessly linked via internal administration, communication and technology. No similar facility had been built in the region or province to date.